How Do You Revive a Dying Japanese Maple Tree?

After all the work you put into making your garden look beautiful and having all your plants in perfect visual harmony, finding out one of them is dying can be devastating. Especially if it's a tree as beautiful as Japanese Maple. With their bright red foliage, Japanese Maple trees can ...

4 Reasons Why Tomatillo Leaves Turning Yellow

Growing tomatillos is a great way to have one of the essential ingredients for many dishes, especially Mexican, right in your garden. Plus, they are very easy to grow, produce a lot of fruits, and don't require particularly intensive care. However, there are some potential issues with ...

Do Squirrels Eat Petunias? (Can I Stop Them?)

Petunias are a popular and colorful annual flower that is widely grown in gardens and window boxes around the world. The fabulous colors and pleasant fragrance of petunias are sure to spice up your summer garden and add some vibrancy to the entire household. Besides their visual appeal and ...

Do Rabbits Eat Morning Glories? (Solved!)

When looking to add some vibrant color to your garden, you should definitely consider planting morning glories. These beautiful and fragrant flowers are certain to liven up the space outside your home. Plus, as they grow fast and easily cover walls and fences, they can also help you add ...

What is Eating My Salvias? (And How to Stop it)

The blossoms of Salvia are a wonderful addition to any summer garden. Many homeowners look to this plant to bring some vibrancy and fragrance to the space outside their homes. There are various forms of Salvia, each uniquely colored and with flowers full of nectar which are a real magnet ...

Why Is My Oxalis Drooping? (6 Reasons)

Adored by many gardening enthusiasts, Oxalis, also known as False Shamrock, could be a wonderful addition to your home, bringing more appeal to your living environment. With its vibrant colors, gorgeous butterfly-shaped leaves, and beautiful bloom throughout the year, Oxalis will brighten up ...

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