My Dianthus Looks Dead (7 Reasons And Solutions)

As one of the most popular garden flowers, dianthus liven up every environment they grow in and are appreciated among gardeners for their rich blue-green foliage, beautiful pinkish flowers, and spicy clove-like fragrance. However, having them thrive and look so gorgeous is not possible without ...

Do Deer Eat Delphinium? (Answered in Detail!)

Depending on the area of the country they live in, many homeowners find deer to be the main threat to their gardens. When they're starving, these gorgeous animals will eat almost anything and they often see the garden plants as a particularly delicious treat. However, there are plants deer ...

6 Reasons Why Your Podocarpus is Turning Yellow

Podocarpus can often be seen around private gardens as well as decorating streets, parks, or suburban areas. It's a coniferous tree that is frequently used in landscaping due to its evergreen leaves and beautiful branches. Even though it doesn't have needles like some other coniferous ...

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